By offering cutting edge Voice communications over a customer’s broadband connection we can finally enable end users to ‘cut the cord’, thus removing the reliance on the landline connection which can attracts a prohibitive premium. From the main connection to the internet breakout point (backhaul) right through to the customer premises equipment (CPE) we offer a complete customised wholesale telecoms and broadband service.

What we offer

  • Backhaul connectivity – using fibre wherever economically and technically possible but utilising radio where necessary
  • Broadband Last mile, once again using fibre, radio and newer technologies like TV White Space
  • A range of Voice services for domestic and small business – including Number Portability so the old landline number is not lost
  • White Labelled Billing – for both for Voice and Broadband
  • Complete End to End 24/7 operation and maintenance
  • We appreciate that the needs of domestic and business user are different, but there is sometimes a cross-over. Some SME’s use a Home Office/Workshop environment, with or without a seperate office. Therefore, we provide a suite of products and services that can be used on a ‘mix and match’ basis for almost any business requirement.



  • Domestic CPE (e.g. VoIP handsets, ATAs etc.)
  • Domestic VoIP telecoms services (including advanced services such as nuisance call blocking) offered through a simple to use internet control panel
  • Fixed wireless access where appropriate
  • Broadband connectivity (including PAYG)
  • Simple white labelled domestic billing
  • White labelled customer services
  • Infrastructure management and support via a national support organisation


  • Business CPE through a range of high-end VoIP handsetsBusiness VoIP telecoms services delivered through a fully featured internet control panel allowing users to manage their complete telecoms setup including managing hunt groups, adding telephone numbers, managing IVR settings etc.
  • Support for small call centre operations via real-time call statistics displayed on wall boards
  • Fixed wireless access where appropriate
  • Broadband connectivity
  • Comprehensive call analytics
  • MiFID II compliant call recording and content analysis (including recording mobile calls and SMS messages)
  • CRM and desktop integration
  • Fixed mobile convergence through an in-house MVNO
  • Fully featured white labelled business billing
  • White labelled customer services
  • Infrastructure management and support via a national support organisation