Mark has spent over thirty years in telecoms working for providers such as Mercury Communications
and Cable and Wireless and infrastructure manufacturers such as GPT/Marconi and Nokia. He has
extensive broadband technical expertise and has spent over 13 years working with various UK
broadband technologies.

He was at the forefront of practical use of FTTx technology having installed the first working
commercial FTTC solution in UK (Lyddington, Rutland) in 2009, ahead of BT’s Infinity program.
He was responsible for commercial and business models behind several broadband projects, and
was co-founder of Rutland Telecom, the first UK ISP to utilise FTTx in a working commercial
environment. He has prepared and presented commercial feasibility reports for several Local Authorities, over 60
Parish Councils and one of the UK’s largest Housing Associations.

Mark has strong working relationships with key individuals BT Openreach, and also extensive
operational experience of BT’s infrastructure including exchange capacity and PCP/local fibre
locations and mapping.

Mark is a regular speaker at INCA/Next Gen conferences with emphasis on Local Authority
involvement in Government Broadband Plans.